Thursday, 20 June 2013

So I recently discovered how to "dip dye" nails! I love the effect, so I created a YouTube tutorial on how to do it!

It is so simple!
All you need to do is -
1) Prep the nails, file/cut/push back cuticles
2) Do two coats of a chosen nail varnish colour
3) With the second nail varnish colour, cover each nail 3/4 of the way in a sheer coat, leaving the first layer of varnish visible by the cuticles.
3) Once everything is dry, coat the nail again with the second colour, this time slightly thicker and only half way down the nail. Make sure to use your clear nail varnish each time you apply a new layer of the second coat to ensure it blends!
4) Do one last layer of your second nail varnish colour at the tips of nails!
5) Finish with one last coat of your clear nail varnish!

Have fun dip dying your nails!
Lots of love,


  1. this is awesome, I love it!

  2. wow! this is amazing, defo trying this! please take a look at my new blog Fay, i would really appreciate it!

    thank you x

  3. Looks great! x


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