Monday, 27 January 2014

It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it...

Hat - H&M, Cardigan - H&M , Top - New Look,  Leggings - H&M, Shoes - New Look, 

Song of the day 
Clean Bandit - Rather Be

Hello guys! Today I had a casual day with Natalie, we went for a cheeky Nando's and headed to sports direct to pick up some sports gear! Natalie, Shane and I are joining the gym this week and I am SO excited! I'd be more than happy to do a 'gym diary' weekly blogpost about my progress! I've never been before so it will be a whole new experience! I'm not going to the gym to loose weight, but I want to feel more fit and tone up. 

Going back to the outfit I'm wearing, it's comfortable, easy to throw on and didn't require a great deal of effort! Perfect.
Casual loose white T, leggings, a bold print cardigan, and a bright hat to break up the black and white. Simple yet looks like I've tried? Know what I mean?

Anyway, this week I've been reading the 'Secret life of Bee's', I am utterly obsessed! I've been reading it every night until the early hours, unable to put it down! I am on the last chapter and although I am desperate to read it, I know it will be over soon which makes it very bitter sweet! But after I have read it I am going straight onto iTunes to buy the movie and I know it's going be one of my favourites. I love the trailer and that only last 1 minute and a half! 

Hope you liked this post guys!
I'm definitely getting more into blogging, I love it!
Thank you,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

PMD Personal Microderm Review

Disclosure: This post contains products sent to me for consideration. This is not a sponsored or affiliated post. 

Quite a few months ago I was asked whether I'd like to try the PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion) kit. After receiving the PMD and reading the instructions, I learnt it wasn't a great idea to use the kit if you have active breakouts, which unfortunately for me is what I have quite regularly so I couldn't use the product. This product would be most beneficial to people with acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. I did offer if my mum wanted to use the product and review it but she kept forgetting to use it... so the next best person to ask was Sue Pitchley, my driving instructor! Sue is a very honest person so I knew she would be best suited for the job! 

The next mission was to ask Sue whether she actually wanted to use the PMD, which I had to tread carefully when asking. There is no easy way to ask a lady if she wants to use a device that helps with fine lines, wrinkles and age spots! So hopefully I didn't cause too much offence asking Sue, but she accepted the offer and agreed to do the review for me!

So this review is very kindly coming to you from Sue! I don't know any other student that asks their driving instructor to write a review for their blog, nor do I know another driving instructor that would! How lucky am I!

The Personal Microderm is a home Microderm abrasion kit that breaks down dead skin cells and replaces them with new skin cells. Use once a week with no fuss. The Personal Microderm does what it says on the tin... Or in this case the box. The Personal Microderm boasts to remove dead skin cells and replace it with new skin cells. Having used the product once a week for the last month I can confidently say that there has been a noticeable difference. When running my hands across my skin I know longer feel rough patches but smooth skin, and when looking in the mirror my skin looks younger, fresher and healthier. So much so that it has been noted by friends and family. For the last few years I have had what appears to be a sun spot or liver spot on my forehead, however since using the Personal Microderm I have noticed that this has slowly begun to fade. I would highly recommend this product for all women, as the head of the Microderm can be adapted for different skin types. Having had various treatments at health spas in the past, I can honestly say that this piece of equipment is as good as any I have received at a fraction of the cost. My aim now is to continue using this product on a weekly basis and I am confident that I will continue to see further results. 
- Sue Pitchley
What the kit includes
Step by step CD on how to safely use the PMD system
White training disk

 4 blue disks for sensitive skin

2 green disks for tougher skin

 Different disc sizes

Small discs for face

Large discs for body
Where can you buy it?
You can purchase the PMD on their website
After reading Sue's review and others I have seen written about the PMD, I can clearly see this is a winning product. Although I can't use the product yet, when my skin is clear of breakouts and I'm a few years older, I look forward to purchasing this product myself and seeing the results!
Thanks again to Sue for reviewing the product for me, thank you to PMD for sending us the product, and lastly thank you to my readers!
Take care,

Maria... You've Gotta See Her!

Dress - Forever 21 , Boots - New Look

Song of the day 
Blondie - Maria
Such a tune.

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are doing well!
Just a quick blogpost to show you this cute smock dress I bought from Forever 21 months ago.. but haven't worn it much! I think the smock dress style scares me as it doesn't pull you in at the waist, and being such a short arse like myself, I'm worried it will just make me look like I'm wearing a dress far too big for me and just look silly!
  But I've styled it with my heeled chelsea boots from New Look to add a bit of height, so I think I can get away with it!
I also bought some hair extensions just as a novelty type thing to see what they look like. I firstly think they are far too long to look realistic so I may cut them down if I want to wear them! But hey it's a big of fun right? I must say they match my hair curly perfectly though! (I'm not wearing them in the last photo)

Hope you liked this quick blogpost!
I'm cooking for my best friend, Sara tonight, so I need to go out to the shops and buy the ingredients! I'm so excited to cook! And Sara is going to make us butterscotch tart.. eek!
Hope you have all had a lovely day, and only a few more sleeps till the weekend!
Take care,

Monday, 20 January 2014

Sweet Potato Salad

Hello guys!
This is my first recipe post on my blog! Hope it turns out okay and if so, let me know if you'd like to see some more!
For 2014, one of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier, as my diet is consumed by unhealthy choices! Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to just eat super healthy every meal, but I need to include more good stuff in my diet!
This is a sweet potato salad I made for my lunch, it was simply delicious and very filling!
Not only that, quick to make!
I think sometimes my unhealthy eating is down to laziness and having time, but that should be no excuse! I'm definitely making more of an effort with food and I quite enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen ;)

Here is how you make the salad!
Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6,  200c, 400f
 Line your baking tray with foil and add oil
Wash and slice 1 sweet potato, add to a bowl and warm in the microwave for 5 minutes (until soft)

Once softened, take out and add -
1 sliced red pepper
Finely chopped onion
Pinch of garlic (I just used lazy garlic)
Season with salt and pepper
Squeeze lemon juice over the salad (I just saw lemon and thought why not?)
Add contents into the lined baking tray

Pop the baking tray in the oven, I judged when to take it out by the vegetables beginning to brown (Roughly 15 minutes)
After 15 minutes I then stuck the baking tray under the grill for a few minutes just to crisp the sweet potato a bit more!

Plating up
I lined the bowl with a few strips of lettuce
Poured the salad on top and drizzled the juices collected in the foil over the salad
I cheekily added some sour cream on top for something to dip the potatoes in!

And boom! Your salad is there! And dam it is good!
The great thing about this is that it is so easy to customise yourself, next time I will be adding some honey and mustard to the sweet potato. 
You can swap and change what vegetables you use, throw in a splash of balsamic vinegar, add chicken or fish, lots of different options!

I took inspiration from Gemma's blogpost  (gemsmaquillage)

 I love her blog, she posts not only beauty and lifestyle but also great recipes!
I'll leave her website for you to check out

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, and if you'd like to see more, let me know!
Thank you!

Monday, 13 January 2014

It's time to begin, isn't it?

Hat - H&M, Polo Neck - Zara, Leggings - Topshop

Now I have been loving these checked green leggings I bought from Topshop. Now I'm not one to wear leggings as trousers, but these ones are really thick and almost trouser material, so I feel comfortable wearing them without having a long top to cover my bottom!
I got them in a petite size 4 and they fit perfectly! They were £25 which I thought was a great price for the fit, quality and over all look they give. They are high waisted which flatters my 5ft frame and creates an illusion of longer legs... which is always handy!
I teamed the leggings up with a simple black polo neck from Zara which is a staple in my wardrobe and I need to stock up on some more as I love them!
The leggings aren't too crazy and loud so I can get away with teaming it up with my H&M purple hat, the outfit is quite simple to the hat ties the whole outfit together and gives it a little extra!

The last image resembles a wonder woman pose so thought I'd throw that one in too! I get distracted photographing the outfits so I have a lot of odd poses I have to sit through and delete afterwards!

I hope you liked this outfit, I think it's very simple and easy to pull off, and if you throw on a big coat, chunky scarf and some gloves, you'd be set to brave the cold outdoors!

I'm off to look at a gym tonight as my friends and I want to get fit this year! I'm not joining the gym to loose weight as I'm fairly slim anyway and wouldn't want to loose any more, but I'd like to be able to run 3 minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out! And I want to tone up more! So hopefully we will find a decent gym to join!

Thank you for reading, take care,

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Birthday Celebrations - 29.12.13

Left to right
Jim (my sisters boyfriend), Terri (my sister), Katie (my cousin), Natalie (friend) Fay (me), Lee (friend)

It was my sister's birthday on the 29th December and the day was hers to do whatever she wanted! Terri (my older sister who is now the grand age of 25) wanted to take a trip to London to visit Choccy woccy doo dah - the first Choccy was setup in Brighton but they opened a new shop in London, near Carnaby Street. You can buy lots of their amazing chocolates and sweets and upstairs there is a small cafe where you can choose from their set menu of delightful cakes, tea, ice cream, milk shakes.. the list goes on!
I must say, it was bloody lovely!
The whole experience was great and I look forward to going back - there was a 40 minute wait to be seated in the cafe and you can't book reservations, but the service was incredible and kept us laughing the whole time! It was a real treat and I highly recommend.

Then we headed off to Winter Wonderland which I have been to a few times now but for me it doesn't get old! I love how festive it is there - and I had never been in this German beer tent that my sister kept banging on about! So as it was 'her day' we all made our way to this tent where in all honestly I wasn't expecting much.
However when I got there it was amazing! There was a huge stage at the far end of the tent where these German performers were singing - extreme Eurovision type cheese but very fun! There were bars selling German food and drink, I had some mulled wine with a shot of amaretto which was very strong but warmed the soul to say the least! As it was a German themed tent, we had to indulge in huge beers and German sausages which were very tasty!

After having a dance session at the front of the stage with my cousin, we decided to make a move and head to get food somewhere. We had our hearts set on TGIFridays, a fine favourite for Terri but both Leicester square and Covent Garden didn't have the room for us. So with our sorry faces and hungry bellies, we searched around for food. We came across this italian which I can't even remember the name of - and the food wasn't good.
And the most annoying thing of all was, when we came out of this restaurant and turned right, a pizza express was a little further up the street. Our favourite.

But the whole day was so much fun and I loved spending time with my friends and family!
My sister had a lovely day which is all that matters!
Choccywoccy doodah - I'll be back.

My birthday is next month, the big 20, no more being a teenager! Ahh!
What should I do for it?!
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you for reading.
Fay Burmingham

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