Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Maria... You've Gotta See Her!

Dress - Forever 21 , Boots - New Look

Song of the day 
Blondie - Maria
Such a tune.

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are doing well!
Just a quick blogpost to show you this cute smock dress I bought from Forever 21 months ago.. but haven't worn it much! I think the smock dress style scares me as it doesn't pull you in at the waist, and being such a short arse like myself, I'm worried it will just make me look like I'm wearing a dress far too big for me and just look silly!
  But I've styled it with my heeled chelsea boots from New Look to add a bit of height, so I think I can get away with it!
I also bought some hair extensions just as a novelty type thing to see what they look like. I firstly think they are far too long to look realistic so I may cut them down if I want to wear them! But hey it's a big of fun right? I must say they match my hair curly perfectly though! (I'm not wearing them in the last photo)

Hope you liked this quick blogpost!
I'm cooking for my best friend, Sara tonight, so I need to go out to the shops and buy the ingredients! I'm so excited to cook! And Sara is going to make us butterscotch tart.. eek!
Hope you have all had a lovely day, and only a few more sleeps till the weekend!
Take care,


  1. That dress look really cute on you :)
    I was unsure about smock dresses at first as well but I've definitely been converted since I bought a few myself. I think so long as they fit properly they look slouchy rather than "too big" and they're sooo comfy! I'm a big fan.

  2. Your extensions look amazing :)


  3. I love the dress, the colours and the style of it, I also love your hair extensions xx


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