Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend In Photographs - Hastings

Hello guys! Firstly, I just want to say thank you to you for looking/following my blog! I always have a burst of enthusiam for blogging but never keep it up! But this time, I am loving it and for once, not feeling like I "have" to blog, I get excited to sit down and upload the photographs and type away! I don't know, I guess it's kind of therapeutic, and the inner Carrie Bradshaw in me can come out! Although, don't expect any life changing, inspirational quotes from me, they sometimes pop out in a blue moon, but for now, this blog is kind of like an online diary.. and I am loving it!

So on saturday morning, I woke up at 6:30 (horrific on a saturday morning) and got ready to be picked up by my dad to head to Hastings! Me and my cousin Holly shared the iPod the whole way there, which was roughly around 2 hours. It is surprising how having good music on a journey makes the time go so much quicker! When we arrived and met my aunty Jane in her lovely home, I love the style, very shabby chic and cute! We had a lovely cooked breakfast and chilled on the sofa to watch "Man on fire"... one of the best films.. ever!

We then went around the old town which has loads of antique, vintage shops which I loved. There were so many faux fur jackets for around £30 and I was desperate for one, but sadly they were all too big! But I couldn't believe the price, in London they'd cost a fortune! Also, when I eventually move into my own home, I am definitely going to Hastings to find pieces to  furnish my place, it was very affordable and had the whole shabby chic style going on. Love it!

Then we went back, got dressed into something more smart and headed out for some drinks in a pub. I must admit, the wine did go to my head as I was running on an empty stomach.. but that was soon sorted when we went to "Fagins Diner" a really lovely restaurant and the food and service was great! We then headed over to a pub with a live band, I felt like the scene from Titanic when Jack and Rose are downstairs dancing on the tables.. it was so fun and everyone was just dancing away to great music. We continued on through the night until it was time to make our way home. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time, definitely want to do that again!

The next morning, we headed out for a lovely cooked breakfast. It was bloody gorgeous. Not really much else to say on that behalf! We then had a look around some shops and popped into a friends beautiful apartment. It was incredible! Like a rockstars pad...
Towards late afternoon we took the dogs out for a lovely walk, I'm not too sure where it was but all I know was we were basically walking along a cliff edge and we could see the sea along the way, it was beautiful! And wasn't cold which was a plus! 

So after that, we retired to the lounge where we watched "The last of the Mohicans" it's a favourite of my dads but I must admit.. I wasn't hooked! We then watched X Factor, had a bite to eat and headed out the door around 9pm to go to Gatwick. Sadly, not to jet off on holiday, but to pick up my dad's girlfriend.

So after what was an amazing weekend, full of family and laughter, it is monday and I have work in a few hours! Back to reality. But it is weekends like this that make me realise how life isn't so bad, and how I am truly very lucky to have such an amazing family. However, having such a good weekend put into comparison how boring my everyday life is, and how I am just so desperate to do something about it!

This was a bloody long post.. and if you have gotten this far I do congratulate you! This may be slightly boring for some but I enjoy reading back the posts.. as I said, like a diary!

Hope you enjoyed the photographs and the writing!
Thank you!

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