Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Welcome To The Real World

'Welcome to the real world' is one of those phrases that I can't stand to hear! I feel like the people who say this, are the ones who didn't achieve what they really wanted out of life. I think they once had dreams that didn't happen.. and they were once told 'Welcome to the real world' and so they've adopted this view, and passed it on to other people/their children. The phrase just comes across so negative, as though the world is a bad place, and it's about time you found out! 

But the real world doesn't have to be a negative place, life is what you make it! Don't let another persons opinion influence your outlook on life, just because something didn't work out for them, doesn't mean it wont happen for you. I understand this phrase is also used when children/teenagers begin to find out not everyone in life is good! For most of our early life, we are surrounded by parents/teachers/family who only want what's best for us! And when we come out of that environment, it's important for us to realise that not everyone will have our best interest at heart! And yeah that sucks, and it's something we will have to learn, we will have to make decisions in life on whether the people we meet are good/bad.
But what I'm focusing more on when I hear 'Welcome to the real world' is when you are discussing not enjoying the job you are doing, or worried you aren't living your life the way you want.

If there was a choice, I would rather live a very short life, doing the things I loved, then living a long life, not fulfilling any of my dreams. So I say go out there and do what you love doing! We only get one chance on this Earth to do what we want, and at the end of the day, we are here, alive right now. And for what ever crazy reason that might be, it's up to you, the individual, to spend this time doing something you want to do. I want 'Welcome to the real world' to mean that possibilities are endless, and it's exciting! And I know we have to be realistic and accept the idea that we will need to earn money and support ourselves/family, but if you can find a way of doing that in a job you love, it won't feel like work. 
Turn your hobby into a career. Turn your passion into a job. 
That way you will never work a day in your life.

So if any of you out there know what you want to do, but are too afraid/worried about the outcome. Then I can't stress enough to you to go out there and make it happen! What is the point living your life in doing something you hate! To me, that is a life wasted!
Make small steps into making your dream a reality, it might take weeks/months/years and years until you might see the first glimpse of progress! But keep working at it! 
At least you can say you tried, and didn't fall into the same trap that countless people have before us, just doing a job because it's easy.

If you are comfortable, it means you aren't progressing. Don't be scared to apply to that job because you are afraid of what might come of it/what might not come of, it might just lead to bigger and better things that you never even knew about! 

The future is just an idea, it's a concept that hasn't even happened. How can you be afraid of something you have made in your own head? I understand the unknown can be scary, but don't let it stop you from achieving what you want. Everything you do is experience, and shapes you into the person you will eventually be. It will make you more confident and less frightened the next time you put yourself out there! 
And surely that is only a good thing.

I really hope this blogpost was useful to any of you out there who feel as though life isn't going the way you want it to! Because you can change it. You have the ability do whatever you want, and of course there will be obstacles on the way, and it will be hard!
But if it was easy, there would be no sense of achievement! 
If you want to be a teacher/doctor/nurse/mechanic/makeup artist/photographer/ANYTHING... look for courses/universities/work experience right now! 
Work your little butt off and just see what happens!

Thank you for reading,
I'd love to hear your feedback!
Love, Fay

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hastings | Pirate Weekend

Hello my lovely readers! 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the weather!
I hear we are in for some thunderstorms in the UK this week, so let's soak up the last bit of sun we'll see for another year!

This weekend has been pure bliss! My aunty Jane lives in Hastings so I go there quite a lot to see her! I love this place, I just think all the little streets and shops are so cute and I love spending time with my family! So all in all... it was perfect! 
Also, my aunty Jane is like the Queen of Hastings, you can't walk down the street without being stopped 100 times with "Jane!!!!" So it's quite funny, and I meet half of the locals!

When we first got to Hastings, we just chilled on the decking, had some lunch, and then waited around for my sister and her boyfriend to arrive!
When they did, we headed into the old town and went to an Italian.
 I got a pizza with mozzarella, rocket, peppers, tomato, garlic oil and some other spices!
It was so good... I'm now thinking about it, and wanting it so bad! 
Anyway - after this, we just went to a local pub, watched a band and walked home! We walked through all the back streets and came across a pub where it was full of pirates singing songs... it really looked/sounded like something from a movie! It was fun hehe.

Then we went to bed! (My least favourite part of the day)

Then I woke up (One of the best parts of the day)
Sunday morning, nothing better than a fry up!
My aunty Jane made a delicious breakfast and we ate it outside on the decking, under the sun with a cold glass of orange juice. Hmmm :)
You can see the sea from there so it was all very picturesque!
We then got ready for pirate day!
I must say, my effort was pretty dismal as the trip was very last minute so I didn't have any time to get an outfit together! I sort of went as a rocker/punk/pirate kind of character. 

So basically the whole town were dressed as pirates and it was just hilarious and random! But also, as EVERYONE got involved, it really did look like we were in a pirates of the Caribbean movie! Especially when the Jack Sparrow and Turner lookalikes came out!
People got really into it and I just loved shouting 'ARGHHHH MATEY'

Hastings currently hold the Guinness World Record of most pirates in one place. 
Such an achievement I know - hehe
But they are very protective of that don't no one be messin' with that! ;)

I hoped you liked this post! I'd love to know what you got up to this weekend!
Thank you for reading,
Have a great week!
Love Fay!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Everyday face makeup | For Summer

I have been trying to cut down on the amount of makeup I wear, which actually isn't a great deal anyway! Even though I use a lot of products... I use them all with a light hand so to me it isn't so bad - hehe.
But seeing as it's summer I don't think anyone wants a full face of makeup so I've been trying to use it sparingly! 

So I thought I'd just run through the products I've been using lately!
(These photographs were taken when I was having a good skin day... but like every month, good ol mother nature kicks in, bringing tummy cramps and mood swings.. and SPOTS!! 'Booo!' So I have been wearing slightly more makeup than this recently but only due to my hormones making my skin crazy)

Foundation - Mac face and body N1
Concealer - Mac studio sculpt 
Topshop cream blusher - Head over heels
Bronzer - Bourjois delice de poudre
Powder - Rimmel stay matte
Mascara - 17 waterproof

And those are the products that I used to create a simple, easy, still natural looking makeup!

Hope you enjoyed!
(If you'd like to see a video on how I apply the products please let me know!)

Take care!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sweet Pompeii

You can watch the haul video here 

Hope you liked the post!
I never know what to do when filming these videos.. so I always just start jumping about and dancing hehe
Hope you enjoyed!
Lots of love,
Fay B

Friday, 12 July 2013

What a week!

My dads texts are just the best. I think the last bit refers to the meerkat advert "simples" haha!
This pizza is from Pizza Express and it's bloody gorgeous!
To make work more fun, I decided to write notes for everyone when I made them some hot drinks... I know I'm very special. And this is me eating a doughnut after failing my driving test, I believe it's what they call comfort eating... I cried after this shot.. don't believe the comfort eating hype!

I had a massive break today so I literally didn't stop walking.. for 3 hours, and I found this field! Well, I worked 10:30 till 3:30, which was hectic on my own. Then had a break 3:30 - 6:30 in which I walked... and then worked 6:30 till 9 which of course waitressing means A LOT of walking. My little legs were on fire today! Didn't stop walking! But I always have so much energy it feels nice to be 'drained of energy' lol!

If you want to see the driving test fail vlog click here!

It's Friday night (technically 1am saturday morning) but let's not get too technical here!
I got back from work a few hours ago and I thought I'd write a blogpost to unwind and reflect on my week!
So as I'm sure you know, I had my driving test this week and I unfortunately didn't pass! And the most annoying thing is that it was probably the easiest test I could've got! I had a turn in the road which I like doing the most as for me it's the easiest, I didn't have an emergency stop, I followed instructions/signs fine... so when I re-do my test my biggest concern is that it won't be that easy! My driving examiner was nice and everything was going okay until the dreaded "stalling" incident :(

I mean, I'm glad it wasn't a huge mistake I made.. I didn't run anyone over or cause a collision which is always good! But my stall was classed as a major as I was blocking traffic.. oopsie.
But it really isn't a big deal, but as you can see from my texts to 'Sue' my driving instructor.. it was at the time haha! I just think the contrast between the two texts are hilarious and it's typical me to be like 

This week my best friend Sara has been ill with tonsillitis :(
So I visited her everyday after work to cheer her up!
We always, without a doubt have the best laughs and we giggle (cackle more like) about everything! I love her so much and I can't wait till she is better so we can do lots of fun things! She has time off from work soon so who knows what we will get up to!

But back to driving... so I do kind of feel a bit unconfident with driving.. the thought of my next lesson makes me feel all funny! :(
When I first started lessons.. I would get butterflies! I'd be waiting for the car to arrive and be like AHHHHHH!!! 
But as the weeks go on you get more confident and stuff that first worried you soon fades! But now I just feel a bit "blah" about driving and not that great about it!
So I suppose I'll just need to get my confidence back again!

Now.. you might be wondering what the heck if up with that Dr Pepper photo?
Well.. when you are at work all day, it's the small things that can make that day better!
And for me this week, it was this little pepper!
Laz, a guy who works in the kitchen said "FAY look at this pepper!" and it was just the cutest little pepper I had ever seen! So from Monday to Friday, I have just been holding onto this pepper LOL.
And the girls at work drew eyes on it, and throughout the whole week everyone has been like 
"Hows Dr Pepper today!?"
"Dr Pepper is sleeping!"
"Dr Pepper is thirsty"
It has been quite the laugh!

It's stuff like this that makes the day all the more enjoyable!

Sadly tonight I thought it was time for Dr Pepper to be thrown away... so we gave him a great send off and I threw him in the bin (wrapped in a napkin of course)

He is in vegetable heaven

So then, what are your plans for the weekend? I am not working the first weekend in so long I can't even remember! And annoyingly.. everyone I know has plans. 
I'm desperate to go shopping as I've seen this maxi dress in H&M which looks really nice! 
Only thing is, maxi dresses are about two sizes too big in the length so no doubt the dress will be dragging along the floor... which gives my mum a little sewing job to do.. she loves it when I buy long skirts/dress... NOT!
I always tell her she shouldn't have made me so small :p

Thank you for reading,
Have a lovely weekend!
Fay B

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

West Wittering 7/7/2013

Hello guys! This is quite a photo heavy post! So I'll let the photo's speak for themselves!
Basically, Saturday night at work I got a text suggesting a trip to West Wittering beach on Sunday... knowing how hot it was going to be, and knowing the company I'll be in.. how could I say no!

So I went home, packed all my stuff and woke up at 6.15am to get down there in good time!
I love the journey to places, specially with friends, having the music on loud and talking! It's fun :)
By the time Nat and I got there, it was 9am and we were sunbathing on the beach! 
9 AM!

The other people we were with arrived about half an hour later and they setup some tents and wind breakers. I applied the suncream heavily that day as last year I got severe sunstroke so I did not want to relive that again! So I whacked out the suncream nearly every half an hour to ensure no burning of the skin was happening! :p

Now I don't find sunbathing the most funnest of experiences, but considering I was quite tired from working 10:30am till 10pm at night on Saturday and waking up at 6.15 that morning, I actually quite liked laying in the sun, and not speaking! And just doing this thing called "chilling" and being "quiet". It was quite nice!

But not wanting to be too boring, Nat and I soon ventured into the sea, and also walked around the beach taking some photographs and just being goofy!
The sea was bloody freezing but you soon got used to it, I wanted to swim out really far but Nat said the current was way too strong :( I would have been washed away!

So then we left the beach, got home, showered and then Nat, Shane and I popped out for  dinner.
I wore a cute floaty summers dress.
I actually bought it from TKMax, which I never really go into but when I was desperate to find a dress to wear for a wedding, I came across this and just thought it was very.. me!
So I wore it out for dinner and it's super comfy and light weight.

So today is Tuesday 9th July.
The day has come where I need to do my driving test!
My feelings are mixed between really excited and being nervous!
But then I keep telling myself, why are you nervous because if you fail you just do it again!

I started working on this blogpost at 8am... it's now 9.30 and I should start getting ready for the test!
Thanks guys for reading!
Hope you enjoyed!
Take care,
love Fay.

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