Friday, 12 July 2013

What a week!

My dads texts are just the best. I think the last bit refers to the meerkat advert "simples" haha!
This pizza is from Pizza Express and it's bloody gorgeous!
To make work more fun, I decided to write notes for everyone when I made them some hot drinks... I know I'm very special. And this is me eating a doughnut after failing my driving test, I believe it's what they call comfort eating... I cried after this shot.. don't believe the comfort eating hype!

I had a massive break today so I literally didn't stop walking.. for 3 hours, and I found this field! Well, I worked 10:30 till 3:30, which was hectic on my own. Then had a break 3:30 - 6:30 in which I walked... and then worked 6:30 till 9 which of course waitressing means A LOT of walking. My little legs were on fire today! Didn't stop walking! But I always have so much energy it feels nice to be 'drained of energy' lol!

If you want to see the driving test fail vlog click here!

It's Friday night (technically 1am saturday morning) but let's not get too technical here!
I got back from work a few hours ago and I thought I'd write a blogpost to unwind and reflect on my week!
So as I'm sure you know, I had my driving test this week and I unfortunately didn't pass! And the most annoying thing is that it was probably the easiest test I could've got! I had a turn in the road which I like doing the most as for me it's the easiest, I didn't have an emergency stop, I followed instructions/signs fine... so when I re-do my test my biggest concern is that it won't be that easy! My driving examiner was nice and everything was going okay until the dreaded "stalling" incident :(

I mean, I'm glad it wasn't a huge mistake I made.. I didn't run anyone over or cause a collision which is always good! But my stall was classed as a major as I was blocking traffic.. oopsie.
But it really isn't a big deal, but as you can see from my texts to 'Sue' my driving instructor.. it was at the time haha! I just think the contrast between the two texts are hilarious and it's typical me to be like 

This week my best friend Sara has been ill with tonsillitis :(
So I visited her everyday after work to cheer her up!
We always, without a doubt have the best laughs and we giggle (cackle more like) about everything! I love her so much and I can't wait till she is better so we can do lots of fun things! She has time off from work soon so who knows what we will get up to!

But back to driving... so I do kind of feel a bit unconfident with driving.. the thought of my next lesson makes me feel all funny! :(
When I first started lessons.. I would get butterflies! I'd be waiting for the car to arrive and be like AHHHHHH!!! 
But as the weeks go on you get more confident and stuff that first worried you soon fades! But now I just feel a bit "blah" about driving and not that great about it!
So I suppose I'll just need to get my confidence back again!

Now.. you might be wondering what the heck if up with that Dr Pepper photo?
Well.. when you are at work all day, it's the small things that can make that day better!
And for me this week, it was this little pepper!
Laz, a guy who works in the kitchen said "FAY look at this pepper!" and it was just the cutest little pepper I had ever seen! So from Monday to Friday, I have just been holding onto this pepper LOL.
And the girls at work drew eyes on it, and throughout the whole week everyone has been like 
"Hows Dr Pepper today!?"
"Dr Pepper is sleeping!"
"Dr Pepper is thirsty"
It has been quite the laugh!

It's stuff like this that makes the day all the more enjoyable!

Sadly tonight I thought it was time for Dr Pepper to be thrown away... so we gave him a great send off and I threw him in the bin (wrapped in a napkin of course)

He is in vegetable heaven

So then, what are your plans for the weekend? I am not working the first weekend in so long I can't even remember! And annoyingly.. everyone I know has plans. 
I'm desperate to go shopping as I've seen this maxi dress in H&M which looks really nice! 
Only thing is, maxi dresses are about two sizes too big in the length so no doubt the dress will be dragging along the floor... which gives my mum a little sewing job to do.. she loves it when I buy long skirts/dress... NOT!
I always tell her she shouldn't have made me so small :p

Thank you for reading,
Have a lovely weekend!
Fay B


  1. Sorry to hear about your test :( I have mine soon and I'm really worried, I'm pretty sure I'll fail first time! I'm sure you'll be driving in no time :) x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. sorry to hear about your test xx

  3. I was also declared failed in my first driving test. It was so disappointing for my mother as she wasted a lot of her time on me for my driving test. Now I have joined Arena Dublin Driving school. I hope that this time everything will be fine.


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