Monday, 28 October 2013

Let me take you down to London city!

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you are all doing well and to anyone living in the UK - specially the South where I am, I hope you are all okay. This storm has caused a lot of chaos so I hope you are all safe!
Luckily for me I have a day off work so I don't have to tackle the train delays and gale force winds!

Last Wednesday myself, Natalie and Shane all took a trip to London for the day! We haven't been to London together for ages and the trip had been well over due, so when I had to come into the city for a meeting, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend the day in London!

My meeting was mid-day in Soho so I headed there first whilst Natalie and Shane had a costa and made their way over to convent garden. I then met up with them afterwards and our day continued! We made our way to Oxford street and had a look around some of the high street shops, I was on the hunt for a boyfriend coat but no luck! A cheeky Starbucks was needed so we headed over to Selfridges where the best caramel frap greeted me, along with a chocolate cake and a beautiful view of Oxford Street from the top floor. 

After our quick refreshment we made our way to Waterloo, where we had a nice stroll past the London eye, across Westminster bridge to Trafalgar square, and then decided to walk down the Mall, where we managed to come across a large crowd of people waiting for Prince William and Katherine to leave Clarence House, and although waiting there for quite a long time, we didn't see them. But we did see Harry... so I was satisfied ;)

Then to end the night, we went back to Covent Garden and had TGIFridays which was just so good!
All in all, it was a great day and I hope to be visiting London a lot more in the future due to exciting opportunities.

Thank you for reading -

Monday, 21 October 2013

Get Ready With Me - Autumn

The products I use for my everyday autumn makeup routine!

Face Cleansing 
Pure gentle toner
Garnier moisture match cream

Foundation - Mac face and body N1
Foundation - L'oreal infallible foundation  - 120 Vanilla
2000 concealer - Fair
Rimmel wake me up concealer - Ivory
Mac studio finish concealer NW15
Rimmel stay matte power - 003 peach glow
Bourjois bronzing power - 51
Rimmel stay blushed liquid cheek tint - Sunkissed cherry

Maybelline brow drama - Medium brown

Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner
Scandaleyes mascara flex (Very much don't like but didn't have any other mascara!)

Rimmel lip liner 024
Rimmel lipstick 164 tantrum

To watch my get ready with me video click here

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autum/Fall OOTD 15.10.13

Coat - New Look
Dress - H&M
Scarf - H&M
Boots - New Look

It's finally here! Autumn baby!
And with autumn brings cold weather, long dark nights and fallen leaves. 
And I love it!
The colours and textures in autumn are so flattering and easy to pull off! Being able to team outfits with cute accessories like scarves and gloves just gives a perfect excuse to add accents of colour without being too bold! 

Hope you liked this post!
Take care,

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Catchup

Hello my lovelies! 
Hope you are doing well,
I am blogging from bed today as I am very poorly with a horrible bug, so the photograph I used above was taken from a few days ago! I don't think anyone would like to see the state I'm in now, that would just be cruel!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you would've known I had my second driving test last week and I failed yet again! I thought if I were to fail again I'd be really sad, but I surprisingly wasn't! The first time I failed I kept reliving the moment in my head and thinking you bloody idiot. Then this time it was again something really stupid that I failed my test on but instead of loosing sleep over something I couldn't change, I just 'got over it'. But I was disappointed.
I'll keep going until I eventually pass and when that day comes you'll be sure to find out!

I have some potentially exciting stuff happening soon and if it all works out I will be sure to let you know, but I might be working on some really amazing projects soon!
*Fingers crossed*
I know I've been really slacking on my videos/blog lately but I've been crazy busy recently and unfortunately the thing I love doing the most (YouTube and Blogging) has had to come second to my job. 

I'm also super excited because my best friends Natalie and Shane are home from Florida so I can't wait to see them again! However as I am ill I don't want to infect them with my germs so I'm holding out for a while - which is like torture! But they had an amazing time away and I'm happy they are home safe and sound!

Thanks for sticking with me!
Please share/comment on my blog as it would mean the world to me!
Thanks again,

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