Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Spain 2013

Last week I was lucky enough to jet off to sunny Spain with my best friend Sara!
And I have to say, it was one of the best times of my life! It was the perfect recipe for an amazing trip, I had my best friend, hot weather, pool, beach, great food and drinks! And at the end of the holiday I had met some amazing people. We stayed with Sara's nan, near Alicante, I hadn't met her before as this was my first time visiting her in Spain, but she and her husband made me feel so welcome! It was a home away from home as they say - but this home came with views of mountains, a pool and lots of iced tea! 

A friend of Sara's nan, Juan who is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, played in a mariachi band with two other members, who were equally just as polite and welcoming as Juan.
We watched them play a lot in the bars and they were amazing!
As Juan is a family friend, he invited us to his sons birthday party.
We were in the middle of no where, surrounded by desert looking land and huge mountains. We were at this tiny house in the sticks and there were so many people there to celebrate Luke's birthday.
And I just had to think to myself how different that moment was to the average, usual day at home I have. Here I was, admiring this beautiful family surrounded by gorgeous landscape, everyone having fun and enjoying each others company. I just kind of thought, that is what life is really about! 
Sorry to get all deep on you...
*Slaps myself out of it*

NOW THEN, where was I? 
So we went to fiesta's and street parties, the drinks were flowing and a good time was being had by all!
On a few occasions we didn't get back home till 4am which was very hardcore for me who is a hopeless party animal and usually wants my bed, pyjamas and a hot water bottle by 2am.
I was very daring on Alicante beach and decided to.. *whispers* sunbathe topless!
I know, I know - I'm bloody nuts me!
But no I just thought sod it, these people will never see me again so let's just whip them out!
We also went to a club called Tsunami where I decided to tell every single person in there I was English which did open the door for many weird looks to be sent my way. But saying that, lots of people seemed to think I was hilarious, and wanted photographs taken with me, and wanted to add me on FaceBook? Probably out of pity but hey - I enjoy making people laugh and I certainly did that night.
I was the main attraction in Tsunami!
All because I was English... or just a drunk small hyper girl who thinks she's hilarious.

To top off the holiday Sara and I decided to get merry on the plane ride home... again this bought on many pissed off faces to be aimed our way but we were having too much fun to care.
When we did get the 'death stare' we just couldn't help but wave back and crack up laughing!
Singing, laughing and dancing through the night, it just so happens no one was sat with us! As I'm sure they would've asked for their money back for the most disruptive flight they'd ever had.

Then Natalie and Shane met us at the airport at around 02:30am with blankets and hoodies. Sara and I felt like we had walked into a freezer, coming from 30 degrees to about 5 degrees in 3 hours. It was a shock!

Overall, an amazing time was had by all and I really miss it now!
It feels so odd going back to the usual day to day routine and just getting back to normal.
Holiday blues *sigh*
I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life more and more and when I know, I will be sure to let you know! It's just getting me down so much that I don't have anything to work for or achieve, I want to succeed in something - but I just don't know what yet!
Thank you for reading and I hoped you liked the pictures!
Take care,
love Fay

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