Sunday, 15 December 2013

I Passed My Driving Test!

So I finally did it! I passed my driving test! Third time lucky and I couldn't have been happier!
I absolutely love driving and I cannot WAIT to get a car so I can have as much freedom as I want! Well... as much freedom as I can afford in petrol! And even though I am so happy to have passed, it is very bitter sweet for me as I adored driving lessons and of course my instructor! I actually cried because I passed... because I knew driving lessons would be over and I'd miss them, who does that? Oh yeah.. me.

The buzz I got from passing was amazing! I was completely overwhelmed and as I had failed my previous two tests and knew what it felt like to fail, so passing was such a high!
I can't believe how quick the experience went, the beginning of 2013 started off with my family and friends telling me I need to start learning to drive, but I kept making excuses not to perdure it! Then one evening I made my mum ring up the driving instructor, and I had my first lesson booked two days later. To say I was nervous would be an understatement!
But now it is all over and it went in the flash! (For me anyway.. I'm sure my instructor found it a long, painful experience) hehe.

I did really love my one hour sessions, learning how to do maneuverers, learning about the roads, and even though I made a drama out of everything, I got there in the end! It's strange to think nearly every week of 2013 was spent 1 hour in the car learning to drive, and now it's over! *getting sentimental over here*

But basically, if you're worrying about learning to drive and keep talking yourself out of it, all I can suggest is to just make the first move, pick up the phone and at least book one driving lesson. If you hate it, at least you did it! But don't shy from something you haven't experienced yet! You might be like me and LOVE it, although my instructor claims that she's never met anyone who enjoys it so much. So maybe I'm in the minority...
But I think life is about making the best out of any situation, and making it enjoyable!
Don't sit there with a face like a slapped arse and get annoyed if you do something wrong, I just used to laugh at myself, maybe have a small tantrum and continue! 

Let me know your learning to drive experiences! And if you have any concerns about it, drop me a comment and I'll get back to you!
I can't stress how good it feels to know that I have this new found freedom that I wouldn't have had if I didn't start learning to drive!

If you are in the Surrey/Hampshire area and want to start learning to drive - check out who I learnt to drive with by having a look on her website :)  

Thank you for reading!

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