Tuesday, 9 July 2013

West Wittering 7/7/2013

Hello guys! This is quite a photo heavy post! So I'll let the photo's speak for themselves!
Basically, Saturday night at work I got a text suggesting a trip to West Wittering beach on Sunday... knowing how hot it was going to be, and knowing the company I'll be in.. how could I say no!

So I went home, packed all my stuff and woke up at 6.15am to get down there in good time!
I love the journey to places, specially with friends, having the music on loud and talking! It's fun :)
By the time Nat and I got there, it was 9am and we were sunbathing on the beach! 
9 AM!

The other people we were with arrived about half an hour later and they setup some tents and wind breakers. I applied the suncream heavily that day as last year I got severe sunstroke so I did not want to relive that again! So I whacked out the suncream nearly every half an hour to ensure no burning of the skin was happening! :p

Now I don't find sunbathing the most funnest of experiences, but considering I was quite tired from working 10:30am till 10pm at night on Saturday and waking up at 6.15 that morning, I actually quite liked laying in the sun, and not speaking! And just doing this thing called "chilling" and being "quiet". It was quite nice!

But not wanting to be too boring, Nat and I soon ventured into the sea, and also walked around the beach taking some photographs and just being goofy!
The sea was bloody freezing but you soon got used to it, I wanted to swim out really far but Nat said the current was way too strong :( I would have been washed away!

So then we left the beach, got home, showered and then Nat, Shane and I popped out for  dinner.
I wore a cute floaty summers dress.
I actually bought it from TKMax, which I never really go into but when I was desperate to find a dress to wear for a wedding, I came across this and just thought it was very.. me!
So I wore it out for dinner and it's super comfy and light weight.

So today is Tuesday 9th July.
The day has come where I need to do my driving test!
My feelings are mixed between really excited and being nervous!
But then I keep telling myself, why are you nervous because if you fail you just do it again!

I started working on this blogpost at 8am... it's now 9.30 and I should start getting ready for the test!
Thanks guys for reading!
Hope you enjoyed!
Take care,
love Fay.

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  1. Great post, great photos and good luck with your driving test xx


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