Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hastings | Pirate Weekend

Hello my lovely readers! 
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the weather!
I hear we are in for some thunderstorms in the UK this week, so let's soak up the last bit of sun we'll see for another year!

This weekend has been pure bliss! My aunty Jane lives in Hastings so I go there quite a lot to see her! I love this place, I just think all the little streets and shops are so cute and I love spending time with my family! So all in all... it was perfect! 
Also, my aunty Jane is like the Queen of Hastings, you can't walk down the street without being stopped 100 times with "Jane!!!!" So it's quite funny, and I meet half of the locals!

When we first got to Hastings, we just chilled on the decking, had some lunch, and then waited around for my sister and her boyfriend to arrive!
When they did, we headed into the old town and went to an Italian.
 I got a pizza with mozzarella, rocket, peppers, tomato, garlic oil and some other spices!
It was so good... I'm now thinking about it, and wanting it so bad! 
Anyway - after this, we just went to a local pub, watched a band and walked home! We walked through all the back streets and came across a pub where it was full of pirates singing songs... it really looked/sounded like something from a movie! It was fun hehe.

Then we went to bed! (My least favourite part of the day)

Then I woke up (One of the best parts of the day)
Sunday morning, nothing better than a fry up!
My aunty Jane made a delicious breakfast and we ate it outside on the decking, under the sun with a cold glass of orange juice. Hmmm :)
You can see the sea from there so it was all very picturesque!
We then got ready for pirate day!
I must say, my effort was pretty dismal as the trip was very last minute so I didn't have any time to get an outfit together! I sort of went as a rocker/punk/pirate kind of character. 

So basically the whole town were dressed as pirates and it was just hilarious and random! But also, as EVERYONE got involved, it really did look like we were in a pirates of the Caribbean movie! Especially when the Jack Sparrow and Turner lookalikes came out!
People got really into it and I just loved shouting 'ARGHHHH MATEY'

Hastings currently hold the Guinness World Record of most pirates in one place. 
Such an achievement I know - hehe
But they are very protective of that don't no one be messin' with that! ;)

I hoped you liked this post! I'd love to know what you got up to this weekend!
Thank you for reading,
Have a great week!
Love Fay!


  1. Cool post, sounds like you had a great weekend, great photos by the way xx

  2. I live near Hastings but I totally missed out on this! Looks like a great day, and I love how its a Guinness World Record!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Great pictures! Seems like you've had an amazing time! x


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