Sunday, 5 January 2014

Birthday Celebrations - 29.12.13

Left to right
Jim (my sisters boyfriend), Terri (my sister), Katie (my cousin), Natalie (friend) Fay (me), Lee (friend)

It was my sister's birthday on the 29th December and the day was hers to do whatever she wanted! Terri (my older sister who is now the grand age of 25) wanted to take a trip to London to visit Choccy woccy doo dah - the first Choccy was setup in Brighton but they opened a new shop in London, near Carnaby Street. You can buy lots of their amazing chocolates and sweets and upstairs there is a small cafe where you can choose from their set menu of delightful cakes, tea, ice cream, milk shakes.. the list goes on!
I must say, it was bloody lovely!
The whole experience was great and I look forward to going back - there was a 40 minute wait to be seated in the cafe and you can't book reservations, but the service was incredible and kept us laughing the whole time! It was a real treat and I highly recommend.

Then we headed off to Winter Wonderland which I have been to a few times now but for me it doesn't get old! I love how festive it is there - and I had never been in this German beer tent that my sister kept banging on about! So as it was 'her day' we all made our way to this tent where in all honestly I wasn't expecting much.
However when I got there it was amazing! There was a huge stage at the far end of the tent where these German performers were singing - extreme Eurovision type cheese but very fun! There were bars selling German food and drink, I had some mulled wine with a shot of amaretto which was very strong but warmed the soul to say the least! As it was a German themed tent, we had to indulge in huge beers and German sausages which were very tasty!

After having a dance session at the front of the stage with my cousin, we decided to make a move and head to get food somewhere. We had our hearts set on TGIFridays, a fine favourite for Terri but both Leicester square and Covent Garden didn't have the room for us. So with our sorry faces and hungry bellies, we searched around for food. We came across this italian which I can't even remember the name of - and the food wasn't good.
And the most annoying thing of all was, when we came out of this restaurant and turned right, a pizza express was a little further up the street. Our favourite.

But the whole day was so much fun and I loved spending time with my friends and family!
My sister had a lovely day which is all that matters!
Choccywoccy doodah - I'll be back.

My birthday is next month, the big 20, no more being a teenager! Ahh!
What should I do for it?!
Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thank you for reading.
Fay Burmingham


  1. Great post, sounds like you all had a great day xx

  2. Hope you had an amazing day Fay! You look gorgeous as always :-) xx


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