Sunday, 16 June 2013

Germany | Baden Baden

Hello guys!
So as many of you know, last week I made a little trip to Germany, Baden Baden.
Now, in all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from Germany, it has just never been a place I've always wanted to visit! But the chance came up for me to go as my sister LOVES theme parks, and was desperate to go to the one in Germany called Europa.
And I must say, Germany was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! I absolutely loved it! I actually felt like I was on holiday, 30 degree weather, champagne at 10am and having drinks on the rooftop! 

So I tagged along with my sister, her boyfriend and their house mate Lee. So it started with waking up at 2am, now I say waking up, I just laid in bed until the alarm went off. Long story short.. we got ready and headed to the airport! We jumped on the plane and an hour and a half later, we arrived in Germany!
I love that feeling when you get off the plane and the warm air hits you and you can't help but pull a little grin of joy!

From there, we got a taxi to our hotel... now let me say that was quite the experience!
As I'm learning to drive I really could appreciate how weird it was driving on the right hand side of the road.. and going round the roundabout the opposite way!
But the thing that was most terrifying.. is the fact we were behind about 4 cars, and the taxi driver just pulled out and tried to overtake, baring in mind there was a van heading straight towards us.. I was sat in the back of the car, in the middle, just watching a van come towards us, flashing his lights and braking. It was a butt clenching moment!
Our driver pulled back in last minute, and me and my sister were killing ourselves laughing in the back.. but trying to be quiet which we all know makes the situation a whole lot funnier!

We checked into the hotel, and where we stayed was an apartment right in the centre of the town! So the apartment wasn't near the hotel... which baffled me no end when we were taken from the hotel and across the town. But it was such a lovely apartment, it had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a little dining/living room.
It was perfect!

So we got to the hotel, had champagne and looked about Baden Baden. It was so clean and neat, and everything was just perfect! I even took the plunge and decided to do a bit of sight seeing on my own, I stuck my IPod in and I was away! I loved it!
We of course had some pretzels, beer, and these white sausages that were boiled? I must say, they tasted like saveloy and I didn't enjoy them.. but you've gotta do it haven't you!

In the evening we went to an Italian (I know not very German is it) and had a pizza, which was lovely! The whole day was just chilled and relaxed, and we got an early night for our big day in Europa!

So we woke up at around 7am, hopped on a bus, train and a shuttle bus to the park.
Baring in mind we had to fight our way onto the shuttle bus due to about 100 school kids on a trip, it was crazy just seeing the teachers smoking away on their cigarettes.. and even some of the students haha! Europa was amazing, it was made of all different places in Europe, with each country having themed rides. I went on every single ride except for the silver star roller coaster.. I believe it's the second tallest ride in Europe.. and I was NOT getting my arse on that thing! Haha!

But the day was amazing, it was boiling hot which made the water rides all the more enjoyable! I topped myself up with suncream all day, I only had a factor 15 which is no use to a fair skinned, freckle face people like myself so I had layers upon layers of the stuff!
But I did still catch the sun, and by the end of the day my freckles were like.. BOOM!

On the way back, we were on the train and all you could see was mountains and just above them, this huge grey cloud, I had never seen something so amazing, but eerie looking! It looked really dramatic just covering the mountains in rain clouds.
A storm was coming and it poured it with rain!
Myself and Lee, when we got back to the apartment, made a cheeky trip to McDonalds but had to run down the town in the pouring rain! It was fun, and when we got into McDonalds, we were greeted with a man sat there in his dressing gown, not a pleasant sight when all you were after was a McFlurry.

All in all, Germany was amazing and I'd happily go back! The place we went to was so beautiful, and although it wasn't very touristy, and hardly anyone spoke English, I actually quite liked it as we got to see a proper German town. It was in the mountains and the views were incredible. I wouldn't say go there if you are looking for a Magaluf type holiday.. as I was probably the youngest person in the whole entire town. 
The whole town was just very chilled, easy going, and laid back.
It was definitely what I had needed, and I miss the weather so much!

Hoped you liked this blogpost, and the photographs!
If you want to see a vlog (video diary) I did of my time there, you can watch it here

Thanks for reading,
take care,


  1. Great post love the photos xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time in Germany! I've been to Germany too, it's a lovely country, I'm so jealous! :)
    ~ ~

  3. Hi I've nominated you for the Liebster award! x


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