Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Learning To Drive

Just before I get onto driving, I just want to say thank you to the 1,800 views I've had on my spring/summer lookbook! I hate to film these videos as it's very 'posy' and makes me look VERY vain.. but hey ho I love the response and feedback so if you want to see me wearing some outfits for summer!
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So as many of you know, I am currently learning to drive!
I have done 20 hours of driving, and about to do a lesson in an hour so that will be 21 hours! Hurrah I can do the math!
Lot's of you on my YouTube channel have been asking about what my driving lessons are like, do I like learning to drive, do I get on with my instructor etc...
So I thought I'd just answer these questions on my blog!

Now you know a little bit about my instructor because I mentioned her on my "Focus On What Really Matters" blogpost, as I said she only teaches me 1 hour a week and knows I am a worrier/over thinker. If you want to read that blogpost about me being a total worrier - then click here.


Before driving, I thought to myself, I'll just be polite, do my best, and have to deal with 1 hour of painful small talk every week. Obviously I didn't know what my instructor would be like, but lucky for me, she is lovely :) And painful small talk is unheard of on my lessons! Luckily!

(If she ever reads this... her head is going to be huge, as I don't have a bad word to say)

So let's cut to the chase. I have an amazing driving instructor that I love, and learning to drive is so much fun, even though I can whine and panic!
I don't know why, but I just really like her, and get on with her!
Well okay that was stupid, I do know why I like her, I can be myself with her.
You know if you've ever been told off by your mum, and you're annoyed, but you can't help but love her, even if you piss each other off.
It's like that basically. 
Does that make sense? 
I'm not saying my driving instructor and I piss each other off...more me annoy her with my whining, but I know at the end of it, I don't care because I really like her, and I'm assuming she likes me.
Some people can scream and shout at you, and you take it to heart. But if it's someone like your mum, you know you're going to be friends again and it doesn't matter.

With my instructor it's like that. I just like her too much to be upset if I do something wrong and she shouts (I use the word 'shout' loosely, more speaking loudly, which is fair enough when I pull out of a roundabout and a car is coming)  . And I like that, as I'm never afraid to be silly, or ask questions, or say what's on my mind!
(which she probably wishes I did have a filter as I can say some random crap) 

But she has a personality which I wish I was more like, she isn't a huge worrier and doesn't sweat the small stuff in a way! So I like being around people who make me see things in a different perspective! Opens my eyes to a different way of thinking, which is what my dad does! Who is another person I adore to pieces and love being around!

I know, I know.. I'm a soppy bitch aren't I! 

Driving can be a nervous thing to start doing, you want someone you are going to get along with because if you don't, it can discourage you to drive. I know a few people where they had such a bad driving instructor they just gave up. Which is not good!
So if you aren't happy with your driving instructor, and "dread" your weekly lesson, then change instructors! At the end of the day, it is up to you who you learn with, so at least try and make it an enjoyable experience! 

But remember, I'm assuming you not only want to like them, but you wan't them to like you to! So don't be back chatty, or think you know exactly what you're doing! Because whether you like it or not, they will know A LOT more about driving than you do!
(Unless they are a horrific instructor, and if so CHANGE)
And remember, they are trusting you with their car, and even though they have dual control, remember to just respect the fact it's their little pride and joy, so be nice! And perhaps ask at the end of the lesson, do you feel okay with me driving? You don't want them to be shit scared every time your name pops up on the schedule and they fear for their lives ;)
Although I am sure they will tell you if your driving worries them! But it's just polite to make sure you both trust each other!

And don't make the mistake I do and listen to what friends tell you, and fill your brain with "driving facts" that aren't even true, people "hear" things and test rules change so even though my friends might have been correct when they did their test, rules may have changed since! Don't be afraid to ask your driving instructor, as I'm sure they will have the answers!

So if you are worried about learning to drive, I think the best thing to do is just bite the bullet and do it! Ask around first for recommendations from friends/family, but don't only ask about their "pass rate" because in fairness, the driving is down to you. Ask what their teaching style is like, ask about their personality, are they patient,  caring, honest, reliable etc ...

Be prepared to do lots of stuff wrong on your lesson, and try and not get too uptight about it!
If I do something wrong, I'm corrected and told how to improve but we have a good laugh about it afterwards. 
 Getting angry about it won't change what you just did! I'm not going to pretend I don't ever get angry, I will get frustrated but it doesn't last too long!
Laugh at yourself! I do all the time, it's fab!

I was apprehensive about learning to drive but thank the lord I was recommended the instructor I have, and dare I say it, I think I will actually miss driving lessons!
Although I can't wait till I can drive! AHH :D
But it really isn't scary at all to learn to drive, just think everyone who is currently on the road has been in your position! And probably made the same mistakes that you will do!
Yeah you might get some impatient drivers but you're not going to see them again, that's just life and some people are too concerned about themselves to understand how you might be feeling!

Hope this post might have helped, and remember the instructor wants you to like them, because at the end of the day, that is their job and way of an income, and if they weren't very good with people, they wouldn't be in that job! So if you are quite a shy person and the driving doesn't worry you, it's the idea of being in the car with someone for an hour, then don't worry about it! They are adults and I'm sure will have lots of stuff to say!
And they will begin to know you as a person and know what you're like and how you learn.
You are there to learn to drive and if you are not into the whole chit chat, then just stick to what you've been told to do and ask any questions about driving! But just talk about anything, it's easy! ;)

Speaking of driving.. I have a lesson soon and need to pop to the shop! I'm off to Germany tonight, so should actually start packing. It's a super short trip, and with the fear of sounding bratty, and no offence to anyone from Germany, but it has never been on of my dream destinations to visit! But I am not complaining as it brings a little excitement into this week, and gets me out the country!
 But I am excited to see a different culture and see some different places, the weather is supposed to be great, and you never know, I might come back and absolutely love it! I'm keeping my mind open people!
And the fact I get to be with my sister just makes it exciting anyway!
A blogpost will be up of Germany when I come back (:

Take care,
love you,

p.s This is me photoshopped into a Nissan Figaro as everyone knows how much I adore them.. hehe I know it's sad!


  1. Great post I can't wait for the Germany blog post, I hope you have a good time xx

  2. Wow Fay! I absolutely loved this blog post :D I recently passed my driving test (about a month and a half ago) and just like you I absolutely loved the whole experience of learning to drive (I even had fun on the day of the exam, I was still quite nervous though, not going to lie!). I have to entirely thank my instructor though, he was the nicest, kindest and most wonderful person i've met in a very long time. Just like you, I also thought i would really miss my driving lessons once i passed my test, and I actually did! I still do now. I'm super happy with my driving license but it was such and enjoyable experience that I wish it'd never ended. In fact, I miss my instructor so much that I now go and see him every two weeks or so just to have a quick chat to see how everything's going hahah (apparantly I'm not the only one who visits him every now and then, lots of 'ex-learners' do the same). I think it is vital to have an instructor that you connect with, it will make the whole experience 1000000 times better :) PS- Sorry if my English wasn't very good. Looking forward to your next blog Fay! Thanksxxx


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