Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Sunday Sit Down #1

So I have come to the realisation there is nothing quite more therapeutic then sitting down at the end of a long week and writing a blogpost, with of course a cuppa tea close by. I thought I could call these weekly posts 'The Sunday Sit Down' so I do hope you enjoy!
The past few weeks have been very busy and unfortunately my blog has taken a step back which upsets me! I'm trying to organise someone to help take photographs for me which is the main reason I struggle to get posts up! But enough with the boring excuses, my blog will hopefully be up and running soon!
This week was very exciting as the new Hunger Games was released (hunger games mockingjay part 1) I adore the books, so seeing it bought to life on film is much anticipated! And I certainly wasn't disappointed! I of course won't give too much away, but all I'm saying is... go and watch it!

So this post is basically me saying new outfit posts will be up soon!
 Catcha later!

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