Monday, 22 September 2014

I've Been Getting Lost In Different Seasons

So I bought this skirt quite a few weeks ago now from River Island and haven't yet worn it, and then it kept getting pushed to the back of my wardrobe. However, this morning I rediscovered it with a slight *gasp* and pulled it out, gave it an iron and chucked it on! I recently bought this cute black sweater from New Look which is really thick and has a ribbed texture. It adds a little bit more to a plain black top.

I am so excited for the colder months, I've got my eyes firmly set on a few key pieces for autumn/winter which I cannot wait to buy and wear! I'm not sure whether this is a bad thing to say, or whether I am just your average girl, but I just love clothes. They bring me a pure happiness that I can't even explain. But the excitement of the new season to come brings a huge smile to my face. Anyone else with me?

Top - New Look
Skirt - River Island
Boots - New Look
Tights - Primark

Let me know what you're excited to start wearing for the colder months, scarves? Gloves? Mine is definitely a coat!

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  1. Great post, gorgeous photos I love the black top, I love clothes too & I can't wait to start wearing a coat xx

  2. You look gorgeous - love your hair like this and that skirt is lovely!


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