Monday, 2 June 2014

You Shine Even On A Rainy Day

Oh would you look at that! Fay's wearing the jumpsuit... again!
But in my defence, I wasn't planning on blogging my outfit today, I was going for a nice Sunday walk around town and we stumbled across some really amazing places that would be perfect for pictures!
So I will certainly come back...but in a different outfit! I promise! But when I like something, I obsess. It's the same with songs, I play them over and over till I'm sick of them!
My two friends Natalie, Shane and myself tried a little Italian restaurant I've been eyeing up the past few weeks and it was so good! My belly was so content. Definitely found a little treasure, and it's right on my door step, which I would say was a good thing, but my growing tummy and decreasing bank balance might state otherwise!

Kimono - H&M, Jumpsuit - Topshop Petite, Shoes - New Look,  Hat - Topshop, Bag - Accessorize

Also the day these photos were shot, I popped into Topshop and picked up this gorgeous black hat. I've wanted one for ages and as I was filming a video in London Monday, I finally got around to picking one up! I think it's going to be another staple item in my wardrobe, it will go with any outfit and any colour... so easy and simple to wear!

So today is Monday and I just got back from a day in London shooting a street style video. I can't wait to edit the clips that Mollie and myself got! Mollie is an amazing photographer and agreed to help me make this 'What's London wearing' video! So a big thank you to Mollie for filming! I will link Mollie's social networks below!

Thank you for reading guys, take care,

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  1. Love the look, especially that Kimono! Love your blog!!


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