Thursday, 27 March 2014

Door Way Poses In The Cold

So we are nearing the end of this four outfit marathon of posts! This is the 3/4.. and I think I've saved best till last! Beth went for a really cute, monochrome daisy print smock style dress which is simply gorgeous! I love how it has long sleeves, it creates a more classy look, which you can dress up or dress down! I went for a very laid back, summer feel in my dungarees, hat and shades. Mollie, our photographer, had to help me out with the fitting as the dungarees, unfortunately are too big for me and I hadn't yet got round to having them adjusted! So please excuse the fact this outfit isn't 100% how I wanted! But you get the idea of the look I was trying to achieve! 

Fay's outfit
Hat - H&M
Glasses - Ray Ban
Shirt - Topshop
Dungarees - Asos
Boots - New Look

Beth's outfit
Dress - Daisystreet
Shoes - Chockershoes

I'm also excited to tell you that one of my outfit's got posted on the 'prettygoodlook' blog this week! You can check it out here
The blog is basically a summary/round up/highlight of all things beauty bloggers/Youtubers. I'm really enjoying reading their site!

Please remember to check out Mollie's website/social networks, she took the photographs for us and is just wonderful!

And also remember to check out Beth, she is a beauty guru on Youtube and an amazing singer!

Thank you for reading!
Hope you enjoyed,
Take care,

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