Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Notting Hill Carnival 2013

Another August bank holiday.. another Notting Hill Carnival to attend to!
This is my third year of going and yet again, I had an amazing time!
The smell of BBQ food and fresh corn on the cob greets you round every side street, mixed with the ever so familiar scent of weed which welcomes you to the world of the carnival. 
Now the little fashionista in me loves looking at what everyone is wearing! Of course there are crazy outfits in the carnival which stand at 10ft high with huge mechanical animals operated by people, but I'm talking about the ones who are watching the carnival! I love getting inspiration from what everyone is wearing and this year did not let me down! From cute floral headbands to high waisted levi shorts and converses, the outfits were lovely!
My friend Sara and I also got photographed for a fashion blog which was cool too!

Now last year I was 18, I had a little to drink but not much as I wasn't really into it. But this year I was with my best friend Sara and we decided to help us get in the spirit of things, we would have a few drinks! Now if I'm honest, I'm quite a goofy/loud/unpredictable person at the best of times, so it only takes me a few drinks to really 'let loose'. And taking into account my weight and height... 2 drinks is enough for me!

Now I attended the Carnival on the 'adults day', which is Monday and the children's day is on the Sunday. Now, let's just say there was a lot more skin on show then I had seen before... and a lot of 'grinding'... ON ME! Haha!
'Oh what fun it was'
I felt like I was the duck from the film 'click' where it keeps being humped by the dog!

Now it doesn't bother me that much as I was dancing along in the parades and getting involved, and no one does anything bad on purpose or maliciously! 
Everyone is drunk/high/loving life and so let's just say, sensible actions go out the window! So if you are thinking of going, just be aware some people can be a bit full on but I had my friends/family there to remove anyone I didn't quite want to be on me :S
It can be slightly intimidating having someone grab you from behind who you don't know, but everyone is just having fun and you are surrounded by so many people nothing bad would happen anyway.
Now I'm not wearing Notting Hill rose tinted glasses, I know dangerous things can happen there so just be very careful - and try and not bring any valuables with you as pick pocketing is very common!

But overall, the day was amazing!
Although being dry humped about 10 X wasn't the highlight (for some people it might) I loved watching everyone having fun and just crazy dancing in the streets! It isn't like anything you've ever been to before and it's definitely an experience that shouldn't be missed! It is what you make it, so go along with a group of mates and just have fun!
Of course if you aren't 18+ then drinking shouldn't be encouraged/allowed and there was swarms of police so don't be naughty! ;)

Love to know if you've been there before and if so let me know what you think of it!
Take care,

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